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25 Callao Ave. 4th Floor - ''G''
Autonomous City of Buenos Aires
(54) 011 4124-7300/02
(54 ) 011 4124-7302
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Miscellaneous Information:
Exclusive Report Center Helplines: 0 800 333 9736* // (054) 011 4124-7100

*To access the toll-free number from some telephones located in the penitentiary units it is necessary to call the reverse charge service by dialing 19, *19 o #19.  When the sound indicates, dial 0800.333.9736

Delegations: (011) 4124-7360

  • Regional office in NOA: Representative: Facundo Giubergia. Phone number: (0388) 422-9438. Address: 221/227 Senador Perez St. 12 floor. “C” Office. (4600) San Salvador de Jujuy. Business Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM to 5PM. Mail:  Provincia de Jujuy. 
  • Regional office in NEA: Representative: Antonio Cabrera. Phone number: (0362) 4440213. Address: 3758 Almte. Brown St. (3500) Resistencia. Business Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM to 5PM. Mail: Provincia del Chaco.
  • Local office in Misiones: Representative: Raúl Solmoirago. Phone number: (0376) 442-1473. Address: 2550 A. Justo Jose de Urquiza St.. (3300) Posadas. Business Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM to 5PM. Mail:  Provincia de Misiones. 
  • Central Headquarter Buenos Aires: Representative: Pedro Javier Zuazo. Phone number: (02954) 425804. Address: 122 Cervantes St. (6300) Santa Rosa. Business Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM to 5PM.  Mail:  Provincia de La Pampa.
  • Local office in Sur: Representative: Pablo Crescenzi. Phone number: (0280) 4485220. Address: 598 Roberto Jones St. (9103) Rawson. Business Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM to 4PM.  Mail:  Provincia de Chubut.
  • Regional office in Litoral: Representative: Sebastián Cáceres. Phone number: (0342) 4584646. Address: 2524 Monseñor Zaspe St. Upper Ground. (3000) Santa Fe Capital. Business Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM to 5PM.  Mail:  Provincia de Santa Fe. 
  • Local office in Comahue: Representative: Ximena García Spitzer. Phone number: (0298) 4431846. Address: 1666 Buenos Aires St. (8332)Gral. Roca. Business Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM to 5PM. Mail: Provincia de Rio Negro.
  • Local office in Viedma: Representative: Gloria Jara Guerrero. Phone number: (02920) 426-153. Address: 675 Las Heras St. (8500). 8500 Viedma, Río Negro. Business Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM to 5PM. Provincia de Rio Negro.
  • Local office in Córdoba: Representative: Rossana Gauna. Phone number: (0351) 4236920. Address: 505 Mitre Blv. (5000) Business Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM to 5PM. Córdoba Capital. Provincia de Córdoba.  
  • Local office in Mendoza: Representative: Diego Moschel. Phone number: (0261) 4237541/4237308/4230161. Address: 560 Martinez de Rosas St. Ciudad de Mendoza. Business Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM to  5PM. Mail: Provincia de Mendoza.